Friday, February 22, 2008

Then he thought about that face again, the same thought which had made at least the previous morning better. Somehow he couldn't remember the source of the face - had he seen it in a crowd somewhere, or somewhere on the same stupid computer he constantly cribbed about. It won't be a surprise if it the source turned out to be the latter one, given the numerous social networking sites he was a member of. The loner inside him urged him to erase that memory and submerge himself into more cribbing thoughts, but something made him keep coming back to the face.

"Hello Mr. Manager manager, how do you feel this morning?", said Boss, peeping in.
(God, how I hate it when he barges in like that!)

"I think you are being a redundant idiot this morning Bob."
(What did I just say?!!!)

" just say?" Bob asked, his eyes widening.
(You can still handle it, blame it all upon a rush of blood to the head)

"Stammering wont help your cause asshole. You repeated the word manager, imagining that it would be a funny way to show your sarcasm. Seems I am not amused."
(Ok, job gone. When was that interview for Comsoft scheduled?)

"I...I...I....will..."stammered Bob, his face all red with indignation and embarrassment.

"Keep the change" blurted Leo, and stormed out of his cubicle. Surrounded by astonished glances from all around, he kept murmuring "Shit" at regular intervals.

What was happening to him, he thought. His 'thoughts' were fast becoming his 'actions'! His inability to entertain any distraction while thinking about that pristine face was becoming more and more pronounced!

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Partha Pratim Sanyal said...

Nice, interesting and humorous twist Sudhish!!