Thursday, February 21, 2008

An unprecedented deafening noise in his milieu startled him; he cringed like a snail, closed his eyes automatically, he felt it safe to stop breathing for a while. For a moment his mind went completely blank, as if there could have been no thoughts there! He couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, the clock had stopped ticking; the moment had frozen for an instant. He felt as if thousand spears were piercing his body and he’d been muted so that he couldn’t scream in agony. A juggernaut had smashed him to a steel fortified wall with great force. Ears started ringing, and he felt his eyes would pop out from their sockets. Something had gone terribly wrong; his senses didn’t help him discover what had. Loud shrieks of people filled the air along with groans and sighs. Ennui cropped in the passengers as they started running haywire, as if the world had come to an end. Leo opened his eyes slowly, befuddled. Everything appeared blurred and florid. He was in a strange situation; no one would call his name, no one would come up to him, each person to his own! The entire scene was gory. Leo felt a pain in his head and also discovered he was thrown out of the bus window, and had landed in the grass near the road; he could sense he was bleeding badly. He couldn’t lift his head, the pain was excruciating. Other people around him cried for help and contorted uncomfortably. His hands and legs had contusions as well, which were conspicuous as blood spurted out of them incessantly. The bus had crashed in to a loaded Goods carrier. The driver was smashed along with a few of the front seat passengers.

Leo failed miserably as he tried to pull himself up, and lost his senses.

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