Friday, February 22, 2008

Completely enamored by her, Leo was finding every aspect of life so different. On his way to office his attention deviated to the odd life around him. He suddenly started to bask pleasure from watching the juvenile’s playing, rustic people going through their life, song from the nightingale, which he has been ignoring all through because of his drudgery life. On back of all this, his heart still thronged for those beautiful moments that lasted only for a minute.

His day started with a greet from a beautiful receptionist, but Leo was living in another planet to even notice her. His mind was torn asunder, a part of it was taken away by her, a part of it was flummoxed about how to interpret those few minutes and a part of it was warning about the irksome obligations imposed by life. Leo was a workaholic and was looked upon by everyone, even by seniors as an individual who can weather the storm to meet his commitments. He proudly holds the employee of the year for last 2 years ever since he joined Initcom. But today was very different.

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