Friday, February 22, 2008

“Hey Leo! Good Morning,” Frank wished with a grin as he passed by. Leo reciprocated.

“What’s up? How’s the party last night? Heard you’d your adrenaline pumped up so much that you danced and then proposed Leena?” Frank facetiously placed the questions.

“Umm......Did I? My Gawwd!!!! That must have been freaky, I hardly remember!!” Leo exclaimed.

“Yeah, we know that; Marc managed to drop you at home, else you’d have slept on the dance floor!” Frank conceded.

“Hey, by the way, Boss was sneaking at your cubicle, he was pretty apprehensive of the books you’ve kept there! We figured out that he was not happy, though he didn’t look livid!”

Leo flinched. He’d completely forgotten about that book 'How to Manage your Manager' by Roald Emmersion. He was in a hurry as he’d to hit the disc by 8:00 p. It was already 7:50 p at that time. He knew Pooja would frown if she didn’t see him there.

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