Thursday, February 21, 2008

The clock went berserk. Leo fended to turn off the intruder into his dreams. Looking at the date on the digital clock, Leo wondered it’s been 3 months, 2 days since he was discharged from hospital.

“I need to get a life, … “ murmured Leo.

“I cant remain bedridden like this forever, This sedentary life is taking toll on me .. ” Leo told to Frank who just entered his room from an early morning jog.

“I think you can get one, provided you make best use of next 12 hours.” Replied Frank, closing the door.

“Hmm! What was that suppose to mean, did I get another appointment to asylum.. ” Quipped Leo

They both erupted into laughter. They resembled kids laughing blissfully without any irksome obligations, until Frank broke the status quo.

“I forwarded your resume to Initech yesterday, I told about your health problem. They have no issues in hiring you as your profile matches their opening and are impressed at your track record, provided you meet their incessant work demands.”

“How does the HR look? ” questioned Leo.

“That’s not important!” replied Frank

“How much time do I have…… to prepare for the interview of course!!! ” gagged Leo naughtily.

“Tomorrow 10:30 Am” busted Frank

“What! I hardly have 24 hrs, I need to get started” Leo said gathering his moribund faculties of mind.

Frank left the room wishing Leo Good Luck, as Leo staggered around his room searching for all study documents, which had been bedraggled with fungus for an eon. He recollected the last time he read them was 3 years ago. Strangely, he enjoyed this rush, as this interview gave Leo to be actively consumed on something.