Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two days past the tragic accident, Leo has recovered mentally but the fractures in his legs and hands prevented him from much physical activity. He was holed to his bed day in day out. Inevitably he was in complete rage with himself and world. Hitherto, he could not understand why he was feeling so, but slowly started to realise that he was incapable to remain inactive as he was a workaholic. Jobless, physically unstable and mentally disturbed Leo was still desperate to get his life moving and escape the bohemian life he was living. For inexplicable reasons Leo woke up at 4Am the next day, he headed straight for a jog. But was livid again, as he struggled to keep running. The pain surfacing from the ruptured viscera was too much. He was struggling to keep balance, slowly his eye lids became very heavy. Whole world around him came stumbling down reminescent to the affliction he suffered 3 days back. He stumbled down but was semi-conscious to understand what just happened to him.

As Leo fended with his weakness to stand, a helping hand came from no where. It gave him an assuage feeling he never felt in his life. Right there he was emanciapted from the demons of dormant life. A sweet voice greeted him "Hey!! Are you okay?!". He turned back to see a prisitine face. His mind could not make a map of her picture to anything pleasant he felt in his life so far. Completely enamored by her simplicity, charm and elan Leo could not hear what she was asking him. He wanted the freeze that moment and live there watching her for rest of his life. He came to the realisation that it was the same girl he saw few days ago. With this realisation Leo heart started to pump as if some one was playing squash ball inside him.

"Hey!! I think i know you. You must be Leo... !!!!!! " queried the girl.

BUZZzzzzzz....... Leo regained control over his senses on hearing that question.

"Wha!! Whatttt .... Whatttt. You know ....know... .. me !!! " stammered Leo.

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