Friday, February 22, 2008

The curse from the traffic was standing tall for Leo to make it on time to the party. Not surprisingly Pooja was livid about Leo being late again, who cannot say no to extra work in office. Vis-à-vis his inability to ‘say no’ she gifted leo her favorite book about 'Managing one's manager'. Out of frustration and anger Pooja pulled Leo into the pub, who was little taken back by the grotesque dressing of the girls.

“Wasssup dude ?” Greeted several of his college mates. Then out of the blue came Leena, the diva of his college time whom every one wanted to date. She started to flirt with Leo much to the chagrin of Pooja, whose presence was completely lost in the oblivion.

All attempts from his friends to make Leo dance were futile. Sitting at one desolate corner looking at the crowd dancing wildly, Leo started to get strange questions from nowhere. What do all these gals want? Whom do I trust? Leena, who has a never-ending history of boyfriends! Pooja, the source for all negative energy!!! Leo was confused, for the first time in his life he realized he was all alone despite being surrounded by so many friends. Unable to digest this truth and overwhelmed by mixed emotions, Leo found it comfortable to be lost in the whirlpool of alcohol.

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