Friday, February 22, 2008

Nobody had dared to speak with such repugnant effrontery ever at Initcom that far. Leo had shown the proscenium to a blatant conflict with Bob, and moved out of the bay, into the open air, feeling blood gushing through his veins and heart pounding conspicuously in cadence! Frank hurried immediately to offer help, as he knew Leo went berserk quite often when in a bad mood! But that day, matters were worser. Leo could never have retaliated so strongly!

“That was well done! That insolent needed a perfect slap on his ignominious face!” Frank lauded Leo. Now that he’d done what was not to be done, there was no turning back!

“The HR interview is a formality at Comsoft,” Leo said blankly. He’d every reason to be boorish! He wouldn’t care about anything now as he knew he’d be provided with almost a 50% increment in emoluments.

“I was expecting that as an explanation to this,” Frank smiled. “But, I’d say a job well done! You’ve shown character! The argots were timely and well placed! You’d have better seen his face, after you’d left! He’d cringed!”

Leena, Pooja & Anthony came out as well, their faces happy as if they’d won a battle of publicly disgracing and debilitating Bob!

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