Thursday, February 21, 2008

“But Frank was here … he was talking about an interview with some company!” Leo gapped.

“Relax! No-one was here, you got to trust me Leo,” said the beautiful nurse, trying to comfort him.

“But I saw I had recovered from the accident! I was well, I was able to walk, pleaaaaase tell me that was not a dream! Please sister!” Leo sounded pathetically depressing.

“I can’t live in this way, somebody’s acting in my mind, I can hear a voice, some lady’s in my mind, telling me what to do what not to.” Leo continued deliriously.

“We’ll see to that later Leo, you need to get well soon, your fractures are quite serious”

“Noooooooo! Call Frank! Tell him to come here, please!” Urged a discontented Leo.

“We’ll do that, this injection is necessary” The nurse knew Leo could get violent all of a sudden, she didn’t take chances. There were more treatments to be done, and if Leo was awake he could go through more traumas.

For him, the light stopped flickering as he, slowly, dozed off into a deep sleep, moaning out “Frank…. Fra…..”

Meanwhile, Frank continued his conversations with the doctor.

“Mr. Frank! Does Leo have faint memories of a girl in her life?” The doctor asked, and continued “We are handling a very critical case out here; Leo’s accident has been derogatory for his memory. Thank Jesus, he didn’t suffer from a loss of memory, but we assume he’s hallucinating more often! None of us out here want Leo to be maimed for life!”

“Doctor, Leo did talk a lot about a girl when he was younger. He’d discuss at length, with me, the animated conversations he had with her. I don’t know for sure if the girl was imaginary, because I never saw her. But, Leo was so certain, that he’d point out the things he’d found out about the girl, so lively were those conversations that you’d never get a feeling.” Frank explained.

“I need to tell you a pretty strange thing about Leo.” Frank continued “Something, I believe, that would help you in his treatment.”


Partha Pratim Sanyal said...

Guys!! I've posted again. Churn your gray cells more.. for this plot!


Munmun said...

oh loved the point at which you left :D

Partha Pratim Sanyal said...

Just for you :-)